Frequently asked questions - FAQ

  • How do I know my photograph has been submitted?
    We check and upload photos manually. We are a small team, so give us a couple of days to upload your photos to our Flickr album

    In case you don’t find your photograph within a week it means it hasn’t be approved by the communication team. The reason could be that we did not find it relevant to the themes of the competition, or to its terms and conditions.

  • What is the criteria of my photo being selected or approved?
    Your submission should underscore the theme “VisionFirst!” and should be related to eye care delivery and uptake. Please upload your best quality picture, and ensure that there are no watermarks marring the image. Do browse through our previous year’s photographs and get a sense of the themes we love and encourage. If IAPB has reason to believe your entry is not your own work or otherwise breaches the Terms and Conditions, then IAPB may not consider it and may disqualify your submission.

  • Is there any entry fees to this competition?
    No. It’s free of cost

  • What do you mean by professional category?
    “Professional” refers to the quality of the photo, the equipment used and to the attention to detail. It does not refer to submitter’s profession, nor does it refer to the scene photographed (for example, a photo of an eye screening, though shot in a professional setting, is not a professional photo for this competition unless it meets the criteria discussed earlier).

  • What do you mean by Amateur category?
    Amateur photos are taken using phone cameras or other such equipment and capture the themes and experience of delivering eye health. They do not have to be professionally mounted and is open to all with an interest and eye for photography.

  • Which category do I fall into?
    If you are unsure, you can’t go wrong with “Amateur”! 

  • I can’t seem to upload multiple entry in the form, what should I do?
    Our form accepts only one file at a time. If you have multiple submissions, do get in touch with us at 

  • I am exceeding my file upload limit, what do I do?
    Incase your file size is exceed the file size limit which is 10mb, please email us your photo entry at

  • How will I receive the prize, if I win the competition ?

    We will contact you through your email ID, please make sure you enter your correct details in the form when you submit your entries.

  • How can I receive updates about the photocomp ?
    Please subscribe to updates on the WSD photo competition here:

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Margaret in Uganda, Submitted by: Alan Compton for #EyeCareEverywhere Photo Competition

Margaret in Uganda, Submitted by: Alan Compton for #EyeCareEverywhere Photo Competition